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The Winter Revolution, or Winter War, was the earliest major military conflict in the Kingdom of Narnia. Being the very first war in Narnian history, it prepared the country for many important future events, including the rise of the Pevensies and the Golden Age of Narnia.


Prior to the revolution, the White Witch, Jadis, had taken power in Narnian-year 900, and magically condemned the Kingdom of Narnia to an eternal winter, which would keep Silver Apple Trees from growing, as they were what had kept her out of Narnia for 900 years.

During the Hundred-Year Winter that ensued, from Narnian-years 900 to 1000, Jadis established a secret police force, deepening her oppression of the Narnian citizens.


Aslan returned to Narnia in the year 1000, which precipitated the great thaw, immediately after the arrival of the four Pevensie children from Earth. Signs of spring appeared, and the Narnian tundra began to melt. With Aslan's magical melting aura and the Pevensies' human empathy and leadership qualities, the Narnians were rallied into a rebellion against Queen Jadis.

The talking beasts soon formed Aslan's Army, the first organised Narnian military force and were able to repel the Witch's Secret Police at the Battle of Aslan's Camp, where Peter Pevensie demonstrated his bravery in slaying Maugrim, the Witch's Captain of Police. The roused Narnian forces to unite at last at the Battle of Beruna, the first large-scale battle that Narnia had ever seen.


Jadis' forces were obliterated, and she herself was slain by Aslan. The Winter Revolution was immediately followed by the coronation of the Pevensies, with Peter as High King, and the beginning of the Golden Age of Narnia.

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