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The giant Wimbleweather lived during the reign of Caspian X. He fought on the side of the Old Narnians during the Narnian Revolution; his home was at Deadman's Hill.


Wimbleweather was a simple giant who wanted to help Aslan's side in any way possible. He helped the Old Narnians in their war against the invading Telmarines, but he was not especially clever. This led to some battles being lost, and Wimbleweather felt horrible for his mistakes, crying the night after the battle.

In fact, he cried so much that his tears fell on the mice below him, who had been in the midst of getting warm and drowsy. They shouted in outrage, stating whether he thought they weren't wet enough without this sort of thing? This led to other animals being woken up, and telling the mice that they had been enrolled as scouts, not as a concert party, and could they keep quiet. Wimbleweather then left to find another place where he could be miserable in peace, only to step on a fox's tail, which in turn bit him. As a result, everyone was out of sorts that night.

During King Peter's duel with the Telmarine's King Miraz, Wimbleweather was asked to be a Marshal of the Lists, for the duel. He, Glenstorm and one of the Bulgy Bears stood by the dueling field, as King Peter fought to gain the crown usurped by Miraz for Prince Caspian. After the duel was over, and the treachery was made by Lord Glozelle, Wimbleweather fought in the ensuing battle.


  • Wimbleweather was featured in the BBC version of Prince Caspian. His actor was not credited, since Wimbleweather mostly laughed during his appearance.
  • Wimbleweather was featured in the Disney version of Prince Caspian, played by Jan Pavel Filipensky. He was shown at the meeting on the Dancing Lawn, and later with Edmund and Glenstorm. In this version, Wimbleweather's spot as a Marshal was filled in by Edmund, as Wimbleweather was with the other Narnians when it came to collapsing part of a cavern underneath the battlefield.
  • He is in the Prince Caspian video game.