""They came to the northern edge of the moor and looked down a long, steep slope into a different, and grimmer, land." "
―-Description of the Wild Waste Lands[src]

The Wild Wastelands of the North was the vast, virtually ungoverned nation north of Ettinsmoor, south of an unnamed Tundra, west of the Merepeople Nation, and east of the Witch Country. It was also beyond the northern frontier of the Narnian Empire.

It was mostly inhabited by Giants, many of which lived in the House of Harfang, which was the seat of government for the Ruined City of the Giants. Among the city's ruins was the only known entrance to Underland.

The region was described as being a place of high mountains, dark precipices, stony valleys, deep and narrow ravines and rivers which plunged suddenly into black depths. It was this region that Jadis was banished to by Aslan, for 900 long years she waited to make her return to Narnia.

Jadis asembled much of her army here. Minotaurs are shown to haved lived here once, or were seen by those who do. Ogres, ghouls, boogles, and cyclopes may have lived here, too, in which they where recruited by Jadis in the neighbouring Witch Country west of the border. During the Age of Conquest, the Giants of the Wild Lands of the North, along with the Ettins of Ettinsmoor, became intelligent species, and together created a vast empire. During the Age of Winter the Ettins became uncivilised, but the Giants remained intelligent until some time during the Dark Age, and all that remained of their architecture was Harfang.

The nation's north eastern corner was the most northern point of the Bight of Calormen by the Great Eastern Ocean.

It was in the Wild Waste Lands of the North that Eustace Scrubb, Jill Pole, and Puddleglum first met the Lady of the Green Kirtle and, unbeknownst to them at the time, Prince Rillian, who at the time was clad in a suit of black armour. The lady told Eustace, Jill and Puddleglum of the house of Harfang, home of the Gentle Giants, and told them to visit and gain entrance for the Autumn Feast. They would be well-fed, bathed, clothed, and made comfortable, which was welcome news to the two children.

Once at Harfang, Jill saw the words "UNDER ME" etched into the land they crossed on their way to the castle, and soon realised it was one of these letters that she had fallen into during their trek to the house. It turned out that the giants really wanted to eat them for the feast, so the children and Puddleglum left quickly, but were chased. As they where running, the ground collapsed under them, and they slid into a tunnel, which led them into Underland.