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This is a project page for editing all the pages related to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (film).

As mentioned on the Community portal and in our Canon Policy, the line between the original works and adaptations can often become blurred and by separating the different canons we, as an unofficial fan-built encyclopedia, can help with avoiding confusion.

So, the goal of this project is to create and expand on pages solely dedicated to the Walden-Disney film from 2005. Most of the information already exists on this wiki, it's more about locating it and moving it onto one of the pages mentioned here below.

Projects for the following two films that are part of the Walden-Disney-Fox Universe will come in the future, so stay tuned!

Project information

List of Walden-universe related pages

General pages

Locations, Objects, Events etc.:

  • London (Walden)
  • Digory Kirke's House (Walden)
  • The Wardrobe (Walden)
  • The Lamp-post (Walden)
  • Tumnus' Cave (Walden)
    • Tumnus' Flute (Walden)
  • Jadis' Castle (Walden)
    • Jadis' Courtyard (Walden)
    • Jadis' Wand (Walden)
  • Beaver's Dam (Walden)
    • The Prophecy
    • Jadis' Secret Police (Walden)
    • Attack on Beaver's Dam (Walden)
  • Father Christmas (Walden)
    • Lucy's Cordial (Walden)
    • Lucy's Dagger (Walden)
    • Susan's Horn (Walden)
    • Susan's Bow and Arrows (Walden)
    • Peter's Sword (Walden)
    • Peter's Shield (Walden)
  • Aslan's Camp (Walden)
    • Attack on Aslan's Camp (Walden)
    • Rescue of Edmund (Walden)
  • Stone Table (Walden)
    • Aslan’s sacrifice (Walden)
  • First Battle of Beruna (Walden)
    • Aslan’s Army (Walden)
    • Jadis' Army (Walden)
  • The White Stag (Walden)

Cast and Character

This information is taken directly from IMDB.
Cast member Character Cast member Character
Georgie Henley Lucy Pevensie (Walden) Skandar Keynes Edmund Pevensie (Walden)
William Moseley Peter Pevensie (Walden) Anna Popplewell Susan Pevensie (Walden)
Tilda Swinton Jadis (Walden) (credited only as the White Witch) James McAvoy Tumnus (Walden)
Jim Broadbent Digory Kirke (Walden) Kiran Shah Ginarrbrik (Walden)
James Cosmo Father Christmas (Walden) Judy McIntosh Mrs. Pevensie (Walden)
Elizabeth Hawthorne Mrs. Macready (Walden) Patrick Kake Oreius (Walden)
Shane Rangi General Otmin (Walden) Brandon Cook Boy on Train
Cassie Cook Girl on Train Morris Lupton Train Conductor
Shelley Edwards (as Shelley Edwards-Bishop) Distraught Mother Susan Haldane Distraught Mother
Margaret Bremner Distraught Mother Jaxin Hall Soldier
Terry Murdoch German Pilot Katrina Browne Green Dryad
Lee Tuson Rumblebuffin the Giant (Walden) Elizabeth Kirk Hag
Felicity Hamill Hag Kate O'Rourke Hag
Sonya Hitchcock Hag Lucy Tanner Hag
Tiggy Mathias Hag Gregory Cooper Faun
Richard King Faun Russell Pickering Faun
Ben Barrington Centaur Charles Williams Centaur
Vanessa Cater Centaur Allison Sarofim Centaur
Alina Phelan Centaur Archer Stephen Ure Satyr
Sam La Hood (as Sam Lahood) Satyr Ajay Ratilal Navi Red & Black Dwarf
Bhoja 'BK' Kannada (as Bhoja Kannada) Red & Black Dwarf Zakiuddin Mohd. Farooque Red & Black Dwarf
M. Ramaswami Red & Black Dwarf Praphaphorn 'Fon' Chansantor (as Prapaphorn Chansantor) Red & Black Dwarf
Nikhom Nusungnern Red & Black Dwarf Doungdieo Savangvong Red & Black Dwarf
Rachael Henley Older Lucy Mark Wells Older Edmund
Noah Huntley Older Peter Sophie Winkleman Older Susan
Liam Neeson Aslan (Walden) (voice) Ray Winstone Mr. Beaver (Walden) (voice)
Dawn French Mrs. Beaver (Walden) (voice) Rupert Everett Mr. Fox (Walden) (voice)
Cameron Rhodes Gryphon (Walden) (voice) Philip Steuer Philip the Horse (Walden) (voice)
Jim May Vardan (Walden) (voice) Sim Evan-Jones Wolf (voice)
Douglas Gresham Radio Announcer (voice) Megan Franich Dancing Nymph and Goblin (uncredited)
Sandro Kopp Centaur (uncredited) Michael Madsen Maugrim (Walden) (voice; uncredited)
Larry Mills Lazlan (Walden) (uncredited) Andrew Osbourne Singer (uncredited)
Timothy Patrick Faun (uncredited) Toshi Sinha Susan Pevensie (uncredited)
Ken Stratton Hero Centaur #3 (uncredited) John Turner Goblin (uncredited)


This information is taken directly from IMDB.

Directed by:

Writing Credits:

Produced by:

  • Andrew Adamson - executive producer
  • Douglas Gresham - co-producer
  • K.C. Hodenfield - associate producer
  • Mark Johnson - producer
  • David Minkowski - producer: Stillking Films, Czech Republic
  • Perry Moore - executive producer
  • Philip Steuer - producer
  • Matthew Stillman - producer: Stillking Films, Czech Republic
  • Brigham Taylor - production executive

Music by:

Cinematography by:

  • Donald McAlpine - director of photography (as Donald M. McAlpine)

Editing by:

  • Sim Evan-Jones
  • Jim May

Casting by:

  • Pippa Hall
  • Ned Lott
  • Liz Mullane
  • Gail Stevens

Production Design by:

  • Roger Ford

Art Direction by:

  • Jules Cook
  • Ian Gracie - supervising art director
  • Karen Murphy
  • Jeffrey Thorp

Set Decoration by:

  • Kerrie Brown
  • Amy Wright - (set painter)

Costume Design by: