This is a page where users of this Wiki are able to nominate well written and presented articles to be featured as 'Article of the Month' on the main page. Please place your nominations below! Upon nominating an article please place this template, {{Featured Article Nominee}} at the top of its page. Thanks! Poggin 12:02, 4 September 2008 (UTC)


A suitable article should:

  • Contain relevant and accurate information.
  • Be well written, conforming to the Narnia Wiki Format
  • Be well laid out.
  • Preferably contain a suitable picture.
  • Cite sources as appropriate.

If you choose to nominate an article that does not satisfy any of the above points, it is assumed to be your responsibility to improve the article to the necessary standard.

NOMINATIONS - August 2010





None of the books have been featured, as soon as they are up to a respectable level (such as The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) I suggest we run a set on them in either chronological or written order. EdmundtheJustsig (1)


The appropriate information from the chosen article should be transferred onto this template. The main page will then be automatically updated.

This article will be cleared and restarted after each nomination. Previous failed nominations will be left on for second tries. Previously featured articles must be marked at the bottom with this template. The page 'Recently Featured Articles' should also be updated as appropriate.

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