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For the general policy, see WikiNarnia:Policy.

Canon - a general rule or fundamental principle governing a subject’s systematic or scientific treatment.[1][2]

In other words, canon generally describes what is considered "official". Often, the line between the original works and the adaptations becomes blurred; this page is here to help guide you through the separate canons of the Chronicles. As a wiki and fan-built encyclopedia, we do not want to rank any adaptation higher than another. However, we want to keep the many different versions separate to avoid confusion.

We currently have five defined different “universes” (though that does not include the “out of universe” category, which is for articles about things in the real world). We have a different article for every “version” of a character, place or thing. Peter Pevensie is for the book version, while Peter Pevensie (Walden) is for the Peter from the Walden/Disney movies. This allows us to have as much information as we want while keeping universes consistent and understandable.

Here is a list of all the universe portals:

  1. BBC (1988)
  2. Book universe
  3. Children’s Television Workshop (1979)
  4. ITV (1967)
  5. Netflix
  6. Walden (Disney/20th Century Fox)

Here is a list of all the adaptation portals:

Please only use images on the relevant article in question. Images of a particular portrayal should be used only on the correct pages. For example, images of Anna Popplewell playing Susan should only be featured on Susan Pevensie (Walden). Rule of thumb: match images to the correct universe. Only pictures taken from book covers or book illustrations should be on book universe pages.

The policy above is adapted from the Anne of Green Gables Wiki and have been modified to fit WikiNarnia.