The Western Wild was the un-ruled mountain range of pine trees beyond the Western March of Narnia.

During most of its history, the nation remained uninhabited. It was presumably landlocked, and west from Ettinsmoor, Narnia, Archenland and the Great Desert. East from Telmar, south of the Witch's country, and north of a conglomeration of anonymous nations that were west of Calormen.

It was here that Digory Kirke and Polly Plummer found the silver apple from where the great tree grew at the Great River's source. It is also here that Queen Jadis ate one of the magic apples in vain, became the White Witch, fled to the far north and began to create her army.

This is the same place, in which Digory planted a toffee in the soil; and it being the first day of Narnia's creation, it grew into a tree the next day, and was possibly the parent of many offspring.

At the Telmarine Conquest, while most of the Telmarines where making their exodus to Narnia, they crossed over this region, absailed down Narnia's Great Waterfall, and dropped into the Cauldron Pool. The region contained a gorge path that stretched from Archenland's western border to Telmar's eastern border, which the trading Telmarines, Archenlanders and Narnians passed through, following the Narnian Revolution that became a part of the Narnian Empire.

At some point during the Later Ages, hunters from various nations set up residence in this region, in which one killed a Lion, skinned it and threw its skin into the Great River. This had ultimately led to the False Aslan Affair.

After hearing news of the Cair Paravel Massacre, Tirian, along with Jill Pole, considered the possibility for the Narnians to hide in this region from the Calormen occupants of Narnia, however, Aslan destroyed the world before they could do so.

It is in this location, that the True Tales of Narnia began to take place.