Spenpiano is a wiki user who is a great fan of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Fictional Biography of Spenpiano Spenpiano (Narnian-years 1015-1085) was a young human child who was given the name from his father in Earth. He entered to the world of Narnia which was the day that the Pevensies disappeared, but returned back to their world of course. Spenpiano traveled around Narnia until he makes friends with a young child minotaur named Votmin who is the son of Otmin, general of the White Witch's army. Votmin told many stories about the kings and queens of Narnia and about the White Witch. Spenpiano then asked Votmin to become friends to the Narnians with every minotaur. Five years later in the Narnian year 1020 where Spenpiano is now twenty years old, Minotaurs along with Ankle Slicers, Minoboars, Rhinotaurs, and Ogres became loyal friends to the Narnians where they fight together against the invasion of the Telmarines. Spenpiano fought in Cair Paravel with all the Narnians where he managed to find Lucy's healing potion and takes it with him when the castle was about to be destroyed. Spenpiano managed to escape out of the castle with a hippogriff named Fallwing where they both hide in the woods of Narnia. In the Narnian year 1025 where he is now twenty-five years old, Spenpiano goes into a cave where it takes him back to his world and he is back to his age fifteen. Spenpiano remembered his past life in Narnia and he would want to write a lot of stories about this world.

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