Unicorns were magical, majestic, single horned and equine-like creatures that dwelled in Narnia.


Unicorns resemble much like a horse except for one big difference, which is a single, large and pointed horn that protrudes from their foreheads. The horns were sometimes an icy-blue colour (like that of Jewel), while other unicorns' horns were gold or a simple bone-colour.

Notable Unicorns

Unicorns were present at several important events in Narnian history, and the most notable unicorns were: -

Unicorns were members of Aslan's Army during the Winter Revolution, and at least two were sent with Edmund's rescue party when he was held captive by the White Witch.

Jewel the Unicorn was a loyal follower of Aslan, and a long-time friend of Tirian during the Last War of Narnia.

Peter also rode a Unicorn into the First Battle of Beruna, in the 2005 movie.


Unicorns were noble and honourable creatures that "not even a king would think of riding a unicorn except in some great need."

All known Unicorns were fiercely loyal to Aslan, and were well known for their wisdom.

In battle, they were fierce opponents, and few enemies could deal with the attack of their teeth, hooves and horn all at once.

"Jewel was so gentle and soft of speech that, if you hadn't known, you would hardly have believed how fierce and terrible he could be in battle."
C.S. Lewis [src]


  • Unicorns were only mentioned in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Last Battle. Their creation is not mentioned in The Magician's Nephew, although it is possible that they were created later on, along with many other creatures, and Lewis merely overlooked mentioning their creation.
  • It is also interesting to note that their whereabouts during the Telmarine hold over Narnia was not mentioned either, despite their appearance being mentioned in The Last Battle centuries after. It is possible that they took to hiding with the rest of the Old Narnians, and only came out of hiding after the War of Deliverance.





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