The entrance to Tumnus's cave.

"At the bottom of one small valley Mr Tumnus turned suddenly aside as if he were going to walk straight into an unusually large rock, but at the last moment Lucy found he was leading her into the entrance of a cave."

Tumnus' Cave was the home and dwelling of the Faun, Mr. Tumnus, which was located in Lantern Waste.


The entrance to the cave was concealed by a large boulder, and was described as being a nice place, little but dry, and clean. The inside was carved out of reddish stone, with a carpet on the floor, a fireplace, two little chairs, a dresser and a table. There was also a mantelpiece over the fire, with a painting of Tumnus' father, which hung over it on the wall. In one corner of the cave, there was a door that presumably led to Tumnus' bedroom. There was also a wall with an assortment of books on shelves. These books included: -

  • Nymphs and Their Ways
  • Men, Monks, and Gamekeepers; a Study in Popular Legend
  • The Life and Letters of Silenus
  • Is Man a Myth?

Most of the inside of the cave, however, was destroyed, when the Witch's Secret Police raided the home and arrested Tumnus.

The Police Captain Maugrim left behind an intimidating notice, warning the public of Tumnus' betrayal against the White Witch.