The Treasure Room upon the Pevensies' return to Narnia.

"Don't suppose you have any matches, do you?"
"No, but...would this help?
―Peter, and Edmund giving him his torch, after Peter ripped his shirt to make one, to go down into the Treasure Room.[src]

The Treasure Room is hidden deep within the castle of Cair Paravel.

It was the repository of all the castle's treasures, weapons and armour, including Peter's sword and shield, Susan's bow and arrows, and Lucy's Cordial and Dagger.

It was located at the end of a dais in the courtyard of the castle, and there were sixteen steps leading down to it from the door, which was at one point covered in ivy.


In the Disney and Walden Media's 2008 film of Prince Caspian, soon after the Pevensies' return to Narnia, Edmund spies ruins on the hilltop above the beach, on which they are playing. As they go on to investigate, they discover that the ruins are that of their former home, Cair Paravel.

They eventually discover the Treasure Room, in which Peter, Susan and Lucy recover all the gifts they had received 1,300 years previously from Father Christmas, and their Narnian clothes.

It also had some personal items belonging to Edmund as well, including a sword, a solid gold chess set, and some clothes.

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