"The fruit was delicious; not exactly like toffee - softer for one thing, and juicy - but like fruit which reminded one of toffee."
―C.S. Lewis[src]

The Toffee Tree, located in the Western Wild, grew out of a toffee candy on the day Aslan created Narnia.


The tree was about the size of an apple tree, with very dark wood, whitish, papery leaves, and small, brown fruit. Its fruit tasted not exactly like toffee, but like fruit that reminds one of toffee. It was soft, juicy, and delicious.


The toffee tree grew out of a toffee candy that Polly Plummer brought with her into Narnia as the world was being created.

On the first evening of her journey with Digory Kirke to retrieve an apple from the Garden of Youth, they discovered that they had no food with them except Polly's bag of nine toffees. Digory suggested that they eat four toffees each for dinner and plant the ninth, remembering that a lamp-post bar thrown onto the ground in Narnia had grown into a full-grown Lamp-post. As Digory predicted, the next morning the candy had grown into a tree and the two children ate its fruit for breakfast.

This kind of rapid growth was possible following Narnia's creation because the song with which it was called to life still hung in the air. The effect lasted only a few days.