The Tisroc was the title of the Calormen Emperor, who was believed to be descended from the Calormen god Tash. Whenever a Calormen citizen speaks of the Tisroc, he adds "may he live for ever", and it is considered blasphemy not to say this. The title prince is seemingly reserved for the heir apparent of the throne, and the Tarkaans, a largely hereditary nobility, appear to be related to the Tisroc, though a Tisroc may also appoint new Tarkaans (see, e.g., Ahoshta). It is implied that the Tisroc has many wives. The history of the Tisrocs is uncertain, developing from a strange surge of culture of an unknown period. It has been suggested that this culture came from Earth, an unmentioned human confrontation that merged with the original humans of Calormen, "certain" outlaws from Archenland. Therefore the Tisroc could in reality, very likely be desendant from a cult leader of Archenland.

Ardeeb Tisroc (ruled late 800's to c.900? - early to mid 900's)

Illsombreh Tisroc (ruled 900's)

name unknown (likely grandfather of Rabadash) (ruled mid to late 900's- c.1000)

The Tisroc (ruled c.1000- c.1030)

Rabadash (rule uncertain, after c.1030?)

All the ruling dates mentioned are speculation, based off the known fact that "The Tisroc" began his rule around the year 1000, since his Grand Vizer Ahoshta claims that he began his rule at the end of the Age of Winter.

After Rabadash, more than 1050 years went by so it's uncertain how many Tisrocs ruled at that time. In 2555, a Tisroc who also was known as "The Stone" ruled in Calormen, and he ordered the Calormene Conquest of Narnia, during which the world ended.


Tisroc's "may he live for ever" was inspired by the salutations on the Islamic prophet, Muhammad - sallahu'alaihi wasallam (may Allah send blessing and peace upon him). In Islam, it is improper to mention Prophet Muhammad without the salutation, since al-Qur'an 33:56 states that, "Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect."

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