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The time periods of Narnia, are the chronological ages and eras throughout the history of the Narnian Empire, from Narnian-year 1 until the world's end in 2555 (see the Narnian timeline page for the major events of Narnia and the equivalent date on Earth in which they took place):

Ages and Monarchs of Narnia

  1. The Age of Conquest (The Early Ages) [0—900]
  2. The Age of Winter (The Long Winter) [900—1000]
  3. The Golden Age (The Rulership of the Pevensies) [1000—1015]
  4. The Dark Age (Unstable Leaders and Subsequently, Anarchy) [1015—1998]
    • Various disputed dynasties rise and fall
    • Narnia in anarchy
  5. The Telmarine Age (Foreign Humanocentric Rule) [1998—2303]
  6. The Age of Exploration (The Expansion Era) [2303—2356]
  7. The Later Ages (Narnia's Last Days) [2356—2555]