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House of Telmar
Country of Origin Telmar
Parent House unknown piratical origins
Founder Caspian I
Final Ruler Tirian
Founding Year 1998
Deposition 2555
Species Human
Cadet Branches House of Miraz

House of Telmar Renewed

The Telmarine Dynasty of Narnia began with Caspian I, the Conqueror, in NY 1998 and continued until the ending of Narnia in 2555. In all, it spanned a period of 557 years and was the second longest ruling dynasty of Narnia.


The Telmarine Dynasty had its origins in the Ruling House of Telmar (NY 460-1998). In NY 1998, Caspian I, the Conqueror, conquered Narnia and founded a new dynasty in Narnia.


Early Caspian Period

The Royal Arms of Telmar

Caspian I began the custom of naming the eldest son Caspian, a tradition that continued for the next 327 years until Caspian X named his son Rilian. The period, which lasted 358 years, was marked by an increasing denial of 'Old Narnia'. In NY 2290, Caspian IX was murdered by his younger brother Miraz, who subsequently usurped the throne, reigning for 13 years, until he was murdered by Lord Glozelle during a duel with the High King Peter. His nephew, Caspian X succeeded him and brought major reforms into the country. A supporter of 'old Narnia' his reign was marked by the peaceful coexistence of Narnians and Telmarines. It was during his reign that the Age of Exploration began.


  1. Caspian I 1998-?
  2. Caspian II
  3. Caspian III
  4. Caspian IV
  5. Caspian V
  6. Caspian VI
  7. Caspian VII
  8. Caspian VIII
  9. Caspian IX ?-2290
  10. Caspian IX's Queen 2290
  11. Miraz 2290-2303
  12. Prunaprismia 2290-2303
  13. Caspian X 2303-2356

New Dynasty

Main Article New Dynasty

The New Dynasty, sometimes called the House of Telmar Renewed lasted from NY 2356 to 2555, a span of 199 years. The period was marked by a general acceptance of Aslan and a growing sense of complacency throughout Narnia.


  1. Rilian 2356-?
  2. Unknown
  3. Unknown
  4. Unknown
  5. Unknown
  6. Erlian
  7. Tirian ?-2555

Naming Conventions

It is interesting to note that every king of the Telmarine Dynasty had a name that ends with -ian except for Miraz. Examples include Caspian, Rilian, Erlian, and Tirian. It is probable that the first-born son of each new royal generation (the son expected to become the next king) was given a name with this ending, and because Miraz was the younger brother of Caspian IX, his name did not follow the pattern. Other men of Telmarine descent that had the ending in their names include Drinian, Revilian, Octesian, and Sopespian.