Tashbaan was the capital city of Calormen and the seat of its ruler, the Tisroc. It was built on an island in a river at the northern border of the empire.

The city was surrounded by a great wall that came up to the very edge of the island, so that the water of the river lapped against it. It was reached by long bridges stretching to both banks, providing the only way to travel over the river for many miles. The banks of the river were lined with gardens and country houses.

Though the city was hot and crowded, the streets were fine, and it was home to magnificent palaces and gardens.

The city was built on a natural slope, rising up to the palace of the Tisroc, and the great Temple of Tash at the pinnacle of the hill. The palace of the Tisroc was often described as magnificent beyond description, and opened onto gardens that run all the way down to the river wall.

It is unknown when the city was built, though it had been the capital of Calormen, and home to the Tisroc, for many years. It also might have an Old Palace, where the Tisroc, Ahoshta and Rabadash met and discussed some issues.

Curiously enough, the city's counterpart exists in Aslan's country. Given its location in Aslan's country, it is possible that this version of Tashbaan is free of all the negative aspects of its Shadowland counterpart.

Name etymology and meaning

'Tash' is an overt reference to the Calormene's chief deity. The suffix -baan may mean 'city', as the city of Tehishbaan is mentioned in The Last Battle. However, some cities did not have this suffix, such as Azim Balda. It may also mean "house" (or some synonym thereof), referring to the fact that the temple of Tash is located there.

Portrayal in adaptions