Stable Hill by Traitors stead

Stable Hill

Stable Hill gets its name from the stable that the ape Shift had built on it for Puzzle while he was masquerading as Aslan.


The sole purpose of the structure was to hide Puzzle from view during the day so that the Narnians could not see that he was not really Aslan. At night, when it was dim and harder to see, Puzzle would be let out and displayed for all to see, dressed in the skin of a dead lion. Since nobody had seen Aslan in several decades, the dim light was sufficient to deceive the unsuspecting Narnians. Shift used his "Aslan" to manipulate the inhabitants of Narnia, ordering them around on "Aslan's" orders.

Stable Hill was also the location of the engagement that gives the final Chronicle its name: The Last Battle. After a short while Shift invited the Calormenes into Narnia to help enforce his corrupt rules. Eventually this led to an attempt at blending Aslan with Tash, the demonic god of the Calormenes. In order to put a stop to the perpetrators, Tirian, the last king of Narnia, staged a sort of coup in an attempt to reveal the Shift's deception. However, he was unsuccessful.