The Splendor Hyaline was the royal galleon of Narnia during its Golden Age.

Physical Description

The ship had a carved swan's head at her prow, with huge wings reaching back almost to her waist. It was also decorated with silken sails and great stern lanterns. Nevertheless, she was also fast and equipped for battle, so that she could have out-run or sunk any ship owned by contemporary Calormen.

Known Voyages

Lucy and Susan, likely accompanied by Edmund, Peter, or both, sailed in the Splendor Hyaline at various times to Terebinthia, Galma, the Seven Isles, and the Lone Islands.

The Splendor Hyaline was also used by Susan's party on her journey to Tashbaan during Prince Rabadash's courtship of her.

For a fuller explanation of these events, see The Horse and His Boy.