Telmarines armed with spears

Spears are pole-like weapons that usually consist of two main components; a long shaft from which the weapon is wielded, and a bladed head used for striking. Along with swords and bows and arrows, spears were used by most armies in throughout the world of Narnia, though the design of individual spears could vary quite widely.

Aside from battle, spears could also used for hunting.

Notable uses of spears

Types of spears


Halberds are similar to spears, but the normally triangular or diamond-shaped spearpoint is replaced by an axe head. The Archenland soldiers who accompanied Prince Cor on his visit to the Hermit of the Southern March carried halberds.[3]

Typical halberd.


Tridents are like spears, except that they have three points. Sea People were said to have tridents, who used them for hunting, as tridents are traditionally used for spear fishing, but they probably also used them as weapons when going to war with other sea creatures.

Although not referred to as tridents, the Earthmen of Underland carried three-pronged spears when in service to the Lady of the Green Kirtle.[4]

Typical trident.


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