For the book of the same title, see The Silver Chair.

The Silver Chair, as portrayed in the BBC series.

"The Knight was seated in a curious silver chair, to which he was bound by his ankles, his knees, his elbows, his wrists, and his waist."
The Silver Chair[src]

The Silver Chair was a magical device constructed by the Queen of Underland (also known as the Lady of the Green Kirtle), designed to keep Prince Rilian bound to a cursed enchantment.

Every night, Rilian was sat down on the chair to renew the manipulative magic. It made him susceptible to the witch's lies, and caused him to forget who he truly was.

Rilian bound to the Silver Chair.

The excuse given for tying him to the chair each time was that every night he would turn into a great serpent, and had to be restrained to keep him from harming anyone.

After apparently 10 years of slavery in this way, Prince Rilian was finally cut loose one night by Eustace Scrubb, Jill Pole and the Marsh-wiggle Puddleglum. The moment he was, he instantly grabbed his sword, and chopped the chair into pieces, breaking the spell once and for all.

It is unknown how or exactly when the Silver Chair was constructed.

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