The Seven Brothers of Shuddering Wood were Red Dwarves who lived during the time of the Narnian Revolution


The brothers lived on the northern slopes of the mountains, which were Narnia's southern border. Like many dwarves, they were blacksmiths. They lived and worked in an underground forge (to better conceal themselves from hostile Telmarine visitors), the entrance to which was hidden by a flat stone about the size of the top of a water-butt. Although their home was not easy to see from aboveground, their hammering shook the ground in the surrounding area.

When Trufflehunter, Trumpkin and Nikabrik introduced the dwarves to Caspian X, they were more suspicious of him than the other Old Narnians because of his close kinship with Miraz, but in the end they accepted him as king. Once they were convinced of his good character, they armed him, Trumpkin and Nikabrik with mail-shirts, helmets and swords.

They later attended the Council at Dancing Lawn, and fought in the War of Deliverance.

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