Sea Serpent
Name Sea Serpent
Dominions Eastern Ocean
Height Unknown (could tower up higher than the mast of the Dawn Treader)
Skin Color
Hair Color
Color Green, vermilion, and purple
Distinctions Massive, sea-dwelling creature
"Suddenly, only about the length of a cricket pitch from their port side, an appalling head reared itself out of the sea. It was all greens and vermilions with purple blotches—except where shell fish clung to it—and shaped rather like a horse's, though without ears. It had enormous eyes, eyes made for staring through the dark depths of the ocean, and a gaping mouth filled with double rows of sharp fish-like teeth."
―(Chapter 8)[src]

Sea Serpents were massive, serpentine creatures that lived deep in the Eastern Ocean of Narnia. Very little was known about them; based on one individual's encounter with theDawn Treader, they appeared to be hostile to seafarers, but also seemed to lack any significant intelligence.

Dawn Treader Encounter

The crew of the Dawn Treader encountered a Sea Serpent on their voyage, somewhere between Burnt Island and Deathwater Island. After rising out of the sea, it coiled itself around the ship, apparently in an attempt to break it in two. Due to the serpent's extremely strong hide, swords and arrows were useless against it, and only by following Reepicheep's advice to push the coiled body over the stern of the ship were they able to escape catastrophe; the only damage incurred was the loss of the decorative dragon-tail carving that made up the stern.


Sea Serpent depicted in the movie

In the 2010 film adaption, a Sea Serpent is revealed to be one of Edmund's worst fears, and is thus encountered at Dark Island.

When Lord Rhoop tells them not to think of their worst fear, Edmund unintentionally thinks of a serpent, which the Green Mist feeds off, takes the form of, and then proceeds to attack the ship as. Eustace (in dragon form) engaged the serpent, attempting to maul it. The sea creature clamped its jaws on him, and dragged him beneath the water.

It then slammed Eustace into a rock formation, but the beast was fended off with a blast of fire from his mouth. After Eustace was injured and fled, thanks inadvertently by Lord Rhoop who struck him with his sword, the serpent turned its attention back to the ship, but at Edmund's advice, Caspian steered the ship toward the rocks, ramming the beast onto the rocks, while Lucy shoots it in the eye with Susan's bow and arrows. The serpent survived, though, and proceeded to split its body into a cobra-like frill, covered in centipede, leg-like claws.

The crew fired multiple harpoons at the monster's underside, to restrain it, until the creature was finally destroyed after Eustace reunited the Seven Swords.

This caused Peter's sword (Rhindon), which Edmund had been using, to glow, and, as the serpent lunged at him, he rammed it into the roof of its mouth. Instantly, bolts of magical power illuminated the beast, and it sunk beneath the waves, dead.


  • The death custence of the sea serpent bears striking similarities to the death of the Basilisk from the 2002 film "Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets". Both were giant serpentine beings, killed by the main protagonists with a mythical sword, by stabbing the roof of their mouths from between their jaws. The major difference was that the Sea Serpent's death contains less gore, and no blood at all.


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