"I am going with Reepicheep to see the World's End."
"Begging your Majesty's pardon, but if one of us did the same, it would be called deserting.''"
―Caspian X and Rynelf[src]

Rynelf was one of the sailors on board the Dawn Treader, and a loyal follower of King Caspian X.


Rynelf was a Telmarine, born under the reign of either King Caspian VIII or King Caspian IX.

At some point in his youth, he became proficient in the art of sailing and navigation; an unusual skill in Narnia at that time. He was likely present in Narnia during the War of Deliverance in 2303, and may have even worked for King Caspian X in the King's youth, as the king later referred to him as having a 'long service'. After the war, he chose to remain in Narnia despite the vast shift in the political and social state.

In 2306, Rynelf joined the King for a long sea voyage aboard the Dawn Treader to find several long-missing lords, and explore the seas beyond to the Eastern end of the world. During this voyage, Rynelf was often in the company of the first mate Rhince. He helped the ship through many dangers. When near the end of the voyage the King attempted to abdicate, and Rynelf was bold enough to openly rebuke him.

It is presumed that he returned to Narnia after the voyage, though nothing more is known of his history.



  • In the film, he is played by Tony Nixon.
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