"It was a shallow, noisy stream, and even Jill was not wet above her knees when they reached the northern bank."
―Chapter 6[src]

The River Shribble was the northern border of Narnia from the western mountains to the Great Ocean. It separated Narnia from Ettinsmoor to the north.

It also fed that regions great expanses of marshes and moors, on which lived the country's main population of Marsh-wiggles, which were humanoid creatures that resembled men in all appearances except for their frog-like hands and feet.

Appearance in "The Silver Chair"

The River Shribble was forded by Eustace, Jill and Puddleglum on their quest to find Prince Rilian of Narnia.  Puddleglum, in his usual melodramatic pessimism, made the river out to be a great obstacle. However, it was later described as being little more than a shallow stream.

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