"A broad river divided itself into two streams and on the island between them stood the city of Tashbaan, one of the wonders of the world."
―Chapter 4[src]

The River Calormen was a river that marked the northern border of Calormen and the southern border of the Great Desert.

It notably surrounded the island on which Tashbaan was located. The river was broad and deep, the only passable fords being far to the west of the city. It ultimately dispersed into the Bight of Calormen of the Great Eastern Ocean.

Appearance in "The Horse and His Boy"

Shasta, Bree, Aravice and Hwin followed the River Calormen north on their journey to Tashbaan.

After their arrival at Tashbaan, Aravis suggested swimming the river to avoid traveling through the city itself, but the idea was dismissed as impractical due to the apparent size of the river mouth. Inconspicuously fording the river downstream from the city was impossible, due to the many gardens and pleasure houses that lined the bank.

Aravice later escaped from the city via a water door that opened onto the river from the Tisroc's garden.

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