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Rhince was a sailor who served on board the Dawn Treader, as a crewmember to Caspian X.

In the book, he was the first-mate, second to Captain Drinian, and spent much of the voyage on the poop deck steering or captaining the ship when Drinian was ashore.


Rhince is a loyal sailor on the Dawn Treader. He is a skilled seaman who knows his work, and as first-mate, he is trusted with the ship on many occasions while Drinian goes ashore.

Rhince appears to come from a lower class than Drinian. Because of his common origins and uneducated speech, he seems to represent the crew among the lower-born company. But he does not take part in the sailors' near-mutiny on Ramandu's Island, and though his manner is not always refined, his loyalty is never questioned.

He was a dedicated sailor and officer, but also didn't have much in the way of patience, such as with Edmund and Lucy's cousin Eustace, who had gotten on everyone's nerves during the Dawn Treader's voyage, but Rhince was more open with his opinion than others.

"Or killed by wild beasts."
"And a good riddance if he has, I say.
―Drinian and Rhince when Eustace went missing on Dragon Island.

Rhince soon regretted his words when Reepicheep rebuked him for them, saying that no word he'd ever spoken before had become him less. Although later on, when a dragon was spotted nearby, he also said:

"Unless it ate the little brat and died of him: he'd poison anything."
―Rhince after returning from seeing the dead dragon, and still no sign of Eustace.

After Eustace regained his humanity, the crew carried on their voyage until they reached Ramandu's Island. Rhince and Drinian were responsible for choosing which men will sail on to the end of the world, and which men will remain behind.

Rhince sails on with the rest of the crew, and helps to break the spell that holds the remaining lords in an enchanted sleep on Ramandu's Island.

Movie-based Information

The following information originates from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as opposed to C. S. Lewis' chronicles.

Film Adaption

Rhince's family, Helaine and Gael.

In the 2010 film version, Rhince was portrayed as a civilian from Narrowhaven.

He was married, with a wife and daughter called Helaine and Gael.

Gael after being discovered onboard the Dawn Treader

When his wife was abducted by slavers, and sacrificed to the Green Mist, he begged Caspian to join his crew so that he could find her.

Gael also wanted to come with him, but he told her to stay behind with her aunt (his sister or sister-in-law).

She ended up coming anyway, though, by stowing away in one of the ship's barrels.

He mentioned that he had been on the sea most of his life, so he was obviously a sailor.

He showed that he was a man who was clearly devoted to his wife and family.


  • In the film, he is played by Arthur Angel.
  • In the BBC series, he is played by Guy Fithen.
  • He was set to appear in the Focus on the Family adaptation of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, where he was to be voiced by Ian Cullen. however, Cullen was not able to finish all his lines for the production, so he was cut due to scheduling conflicts with Cullen.

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