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Queen Helen I was the first Queen of the Kingdom of Narnia, the wife of King Frank, and the mother of all the original Kings and Queens of Narnia at the beginning of the Age of Conquest.


Helen was born in the British country sometime in the nineteenth century. Little was known about her, except that she grew up in the country. By 1900, she had married a country man called Frank and moved to London with him, where he took up an occupation as a cabdriver.

After her husband was transported to Narnia by Digory and Polly, as well as offered the throne of Narnia by Aslan, she was transported to his side by Aslan at his request.

Helen and Frank upon their arrival in Narnia

They were crowned as Narnia's first monarchs two days later and lived in the castle Cair Paravel, which had been prepared for them by Aslan.

Helen and Frank's coronation

In her own world, she was known as Nellie (a nickname for Helen), but was always called Helen in Narnia.

Physical Appearance

In The Magician's Nephew, where Helen made her first appearance, she was described by Polly to be a young woman with a kind, honest face, and it was obvious that she had been in the middle of a washing day - she wore an apron, her sleeves were rolled up to the elbow, and there were soapsuds on her hands. Though she was not dressed in her good clothes, she still looked nice.

Later on, after she was dressed in royal Narnian robes and had been crowned by Aslan as Queen, Helen was revealed to be a beautiful woman: Her hair was worn loose, there was a new expression on her face, her clothes were strange and lovely, and on her head was a light, delicate, beautifully shaped gold crown set with emeralds, which made her look all the more nicer.


  • Helen shares her first name with Helen Joy Davidman, Lewis' friend and later wife.