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The cover of the CD release.

Prince Caspian was a full-cast radio drama produced in 1995 by BBC Radio 4 as part of the Tales of Narnia series. It was produced by John Taylor and dramatized for radio by Brian Sibley.

Broadcast History

Prince Caspian first aired in Britain on Sunday, June 18th, 1995. Four 20 minute episodes were broadcasted weekly by BBC Radio 4 from 18th June, 1995 to 9th July, 1995.



  • John Taylor - Producer


  • Elizabeth Parker - Music
  • Peter Howell - Music, Sound effects

CD Release

BBC Worldwide originally released the radio drama to cassette in 1995. In 2000, the BBC released Prince Caspian as a two-disk CD recording. It is also available for digital download from Audible.

Disk 1
1. Once A Time, Long Ago
2. Well Caspian, it Won't be Many Years Now
3. I Wish You Could Talk Dog
4. Prince Caspian, Your Royal Highness, Wake Up
5. Sit Up, Don't Slouch in the Saddle Your Highness
6. Prince Caspian You Must Trust Me
7. Before It Wakes Up Me Must Decide What To Do With It
8. Pattertwig, Pattertwig, Pattertwig
9. Well, You Heard the Story
10. There, Your Majesty, This is Dancing Lawn
11. There it is Like a Hill On Another Hill
12. Where Are We

Disk 2
1. There, That's Burning Well Now
2. Well This Isn't a Good Start to the Day
3. Well, King Caspian
4. So Anyway, This Morning at Half Light
5. I Was Thinking When We Were Rowing Along the Coast
6. So the Hours Pass, Your Majesty
7. I Suppose We Are Going The Right Way
8. A Good Night's Sleep, He Said
9. I Do Hope You'll All Come With Me
10. All This Arguing is Getting Us Nowhere
11. Aslan and the Girls are Somewhere Close
12. We Have Sent These Letters
13. Is Everything Prepared
14. I Thought We Were Done For
15. Oh, It's the Station

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