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"I'll wager my dappled Pomely he brings a challenge, not a surrender". ―Lord Glozelle

Pomely was the dapple horse belonging to Lord Glozelle. Unlike many Narnian horses, he was a dumb beast and did not have the gift of speech. He would have been highly valued by his master on account of his rare colouration pattern. His true colour is unknown.



"Pomely" is an archaic English word meaning "dappled".

The horse's name is a direct allusion to the prologue of "The Reeve's Tale" by Chaucer: "The reeve sat upon a full good stot, that was pomely gray and highte scot. A long surcote of pers upon he had, and by his syde he baar a rusty blade". ―Geoffrey Chaucer

Like the reeve, Lord Glozelle is described as an unsavory character with somewhat shoddy armor. C. S. Lewis would certainly have been reminded of the reeve's pomely horse when searching for a suitable name.