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"If you can put a Dwarfish sword in my fist, I'd gladly strike a blow on the right side before all's done."
―Poggin to Tirian, Jill and Eustace

Poggin was a dwarf who lived during the last days of Narnia.

Plot Involvement

King Tirian (along with Jewel, Jill and Eustace) freed a group of dwarfs from slavery by killing their Calormene captors. However, when Tirian and his companions informed them that they were free, the dwarfs were disillusioned and refused to side with them, saying that "the dwarfs were for the dwarfs" and that they had "had enough of kings".

Only Poggin, out of all the dwarfs, came to join Tirian's company against the conspiracy formed by Shift and the Calormenes. One night he overheard Ginger and Rishda Tarkaan, who took over the conspiracy, revealing they didn't believe in Aslan nor Tash. He fought bravely in the Last Battle against the Calormenes, and was one of the dwarfs who entered Aslan's Country. He was also a casualty of the battle and was with Jewel, Farsight, the dogs, the Boar, the Bear, the Horses, Puzzle, and the rodents, who were all other casualties of battle, when they entered Aslan's Country.