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Pittencream was a Galmian sailor aboard the Dawn Treader.

On Ramandu's Island

Pittencream sailed with the rest of the Dawn Treader's crew on its journey to the east. When the ship reached Ramandu's Island, which is the beginning of the end of the Narnian world, Pittencream and about half of his fellows decided not to go with King Caspian all the way to the Utter East. When Caspian announced that not all of the men would be allowed to come, however, these men gradually changed their minds. (As C. S. Lewis put it, "they had been eager enough to get out of the voyage, but they felt quite differently about being left out of it.") When all of the other men had asked to sail on, Pittencream became scared of being left alone on the island, and he eventually followed suit. Caspian, however, did not allow him to go. This left him alone on the island with Ramandu, his daughter, and the four sleeping lords (Argoz, Mavramorn, Revilian, and Rhoop). He was not the sort of person who could enjoy the star's company, and, although there was a magnificent feast on Aslan's table every day, he was spooked by the big, hairy figures of the lords at the end of the table. He spent his time there wishing that he continued on the voyage with the rest on the ship.

Later Life

"You may say, in a sense, that he lived happily ever after. But he could never bear mice."
C.S. Lewis[src]

After he was picked up by the ship on its return voyage, he felt so excluded that he deserted at the Lone Islands, and went and lived in Calormen. There, he told wonderful stories about his adventures at the end of the world, until at last he came to believe them himself.

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