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Illustration of a Toadstool person by Pauline Baynes.

"Call the Cruels, the Hags, the Spectres, and the people of the Toadstools."
―Jadis (Chapter 13) [src]

The People of the Toadstools were followers of the White Witch Jadis during the Long Winter and subsequent Winter Revolution.

No physical description is ever given of them, but in illustrations by Pauline Baynes in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (book), of the battle and Aslan's sacrifice, they are drawn as large toadstools with roots that are used as limbs.

After Jadis was made aware of Aslan's Army by the Stone Table, she sent the unnamed wolf to summon the Toadstool People and her other followers to come to her, to prepare for the coming battle.

They were also present at the sacrifice of Aslan at the Stone Table.


The People of the Toadstools may have been related to the Nymphs of Poisonous Plants, which were also servants of the White Witch.