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"Is this possible? Do you really think there could be peace? Do you? I mean, really?"
―Pattertwig [src]

Pattertwig was a talking Red Squirrel, who aided Caspian X in the Narnian Revolution against his uncle, Miraz.


Like many others of the Narnian animals and their earth counterparts, Pattertwig was much bigger and smarter than the dumb squirrels on Earth. In fact, he was about the size of a terrier. Like all Talking Squirrels, he was cheeky and chatty.

During the War of Deliverance, Pattertwig was one of the first Old Narnians to accept Caspian X as king, and even offered him a nut (apparently a sign of friendship with squirrels). He also participated in the war by carrying a message to the other Old Narnians, inviting them to a war council at the Dancing Lawn, and later travelled to Lantern Waste, in case the aid promised to whomever blew Queen Susan's horn arrived there.


In the 2008 film adaption of Prince Caspian, Pattertwig made two appearances.

He was first seen at the Dancing Lawn, where he observed Caspian making his plea to the Narnians to help him in his war against Miraz, and listened to his promise to help restore their land to them.

Pattertwig was eager to believe in Caspian, in his promise that there could be peace between the Narnians and the Telmarines, and asked him insistently if it was really possible.

He was also seen at Aslan's How, where he took part in the discussion over the Narnian's plan to invade Miraz's Castle, though he didn't attribute much to it.

"We could collect nuts!"
"Yes! And throw them at the Telmarines... Shut up!
―Pattertwig and Reepicheep [src]


  • In the Prince Caspian film, Pattertwig was voiced by composer Harry Gregson-Williams.
  • Pattertwig was one of the characters conceived very early on by C.S. Lewis, and is included in the Lefay Fragment, the first attempt at a sequel to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
  • Apparently, it's very bad manners among squirrels to watch anyone going to his store (place where he stores his food), or look as if you want to know where it is.
  • Pattertwig is a red squirrel, which were seen more in Lewis's day, although now the grey squirrels are more common. Grey squirrels were brought over from North America, but because of their larger size, they soon dominated the red squirrels, making them endangered.