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Patrick Kake is the actor who played the character Oreius, the brave centaur who fought in the Narnian army in the 2005 film of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.


Born in New Zealand, Patrick Kake would have no idea what positive repercussions would ensue from a chance entry into a modeling competition. From this humble point in 1993, Patrick began a career in modeling in the annual New Zealand fashion award shows. While at one of these events, a casting director spotted the muscled model and selected him to be a double for Kevin Sorbo in the Hercules television series. Patrick himself admits this was generally the show that taught him a great deal about acting, and also started his love for it.

He started out standing in during the times when Kevin was off camera (due to a restriction by producers, so that Kevin would not work himself ill, as he had done in prior shoots). From 1995-1999, Patrick worked on Hercules, and in 2000 he began appearing on the science fiction series Cleopatra 2525 (2000-2001) (TV).

2005 would be a stand-out year, as he won the role of the Centaur, General Oreius, in LWW.

He has also appeared in the vampire horror/adventure flick 30 Days of Night (2007).

He is 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m) tall.


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