Otters are semi-aquatic animals that are intelligent, peaceful and loyal. They are also one of the many Talking beasts of the world of Narnia.

They are fish-eating creatures that sometimes live in lakes or rivers, and also build homes. They are great swimmers, and they sometimes work together as a pack to hunt the fish, which include Trout.

Otters were first mentioned at the birth of Narnia when Aslan first brought life into the world, where they were summoned with many other Talking Animals to gather in the council of Aslan. They also chased Andrew Ketterley with many other different animals, when they thought that he might be the first evil that Aslan warned them about, and decided to keep him as a pet when they figured he wasn't. 

They were later seen in the coronation where King Frank I and his wife Queen Helen became the first king and queen of Narnia.



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