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Nausus was a Faun who lived before and during the reign of Caspian X, and was one of the Fauns who danced with Caspian at the Dancing Lawn

It is presumed that he joined the Narnian army, and fought against the Telmarines during the War of Deliverance.


Nausus was never mentioned in the 2008 Walden/Disney movie of "Prince Caspian", but was included in the 2010 Walden/Fox movie of "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader", as one of two Fauns aboard the Dawn Treader. He was played by the Australian actor Steven Rooke.

In the film, Nausus was on deck when Edmund, Lucy and Eustace first arrived on the ship. In the Battle of Narrowhaven, he fought with a halberd, and knocked out a slave-trader with an impressive aerobatic display. His last appearance was when the Green Mist manifested itself as a Sea Serpent. He was seen gazing up in fear at it, while drawing his sword. 


  • In one deleted scene, in the VDT film, Nausus brought Eustace some soup when he was feeling seasick. Eustace was delirious, and thought Nausus was his mother, and then asked Lucy, "Why does mother smell like a goat?", greatly insulting Nausus.

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