Narnians were multiple races of special and loyal creatures, inhabitants of the world and land of Narnia, created by Aslan.

During the Age of Winter and the Winter Revolution, many Narnians were mentioned as stone prisoners in the White Witch's courtyard, and also as part of Aslan's army in the First Battle of Beruna against the White Witch's army. Narnians also came to aid the people of Archenland against Prince Rabadash and the Calormene army at Anvard.

During the Narnian Revolution, Narnians (also known as Old Narnians) fought with Caspian X and the Pevensies against King Miraz and the Telmarine army in the Second Battle of Beruna. They were also gathered as crew members in the Dawn Treader, where they travelled to the Lone Islands during what many people know as The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

When Prince Rilian was rescued from the Lady of the Green Kirtle, Narnians also helped Eustace, Jill and Puddleglum out of the Underlands.

When Narnia ended, all the Narnians gathered in the final battle at Stable Hill against the Calormenes until the end of the world arrived. Every Narnian in the world who remained true to Aslan entered Aslan's Country to enjoy peacefully.

Known Narnians

Most of the Narnians were Talking beasts, but there were also various other creatures of myth, such as: -

There were a lot of other species living in Narnia, but these were considered true Narnians, as the others were born and had remained evil until the end of their days.