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King Nain was the King of Archenland during the Narnian Revolution. Dr. Cornelius believed Nain would be sympathetic to the rebel cause, and a possible refuge for the fleeing Prince Caspian.

House of Archenland
Preceded by King of Archenland Succeeded by
unknown, eventually Ram fl. 2303 unknown



  • In The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, there are numerous mentions of the Dwarf kings, Naín I, Naín II and another dwarf of the same name, in the royal house of Durin. This may be explained by the close friendship of Lewis and Tolkien.
  • In the French language, nain means "gnome, dwarf, of little size". This may be a voluntary connotation by Lewis to indicate the possibly small stature of Nain. However, this is pure speculation, as Lewis didn't develop the lineage of the Kings of Archenland, or the details of them after Nain.