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Mullugutherum was one of the gnomes who served the Lady of the Green Kirtle.


"I am the Warden of the Marches of Underland, and with me stand a hundred earthmen in arms. Tell me quickly who you are and what is your errand in the Deep Realm."

Mullugutherum was born in Bism. Some time before NY 2345, the Lady of the Green Kirtle enchanted and enslaved him and many of his friends and neighbours. This was likely around the same time that she magically created the Shallow Lands and named herself Queen of Underland. At some point during his enslavement, the witch appointed Mullugutherum "the Warden of the Marches of Underland," and gave him command over more than one hundred Earthmen.

Mullugutherum was the first gnome to meet Eustace Scrubb, Jill Pole and Puddleglum after they fell down into Underland. He and his army took them prisoner and led them through many caverns to the Pale Beaches, and onto a ship that bore them across the sea to the Lady of the Green Kirtle's palace.

Since the Queen was away when they reached the castle, he would have kept the prisoners chained up until she returned. However, the queen's black knight, who was none other than Prince Rilian, demanded to meet them, and Mullugutherum obeyed. It is apparent from this exchange that the enchanted Prince had some authourity over the gnomes, even the Warden.

After the Queen's death, the enchantment that had enslaved the gnomes ended, leaving Mullugutherum and the other gnomes as happy and lively as they had been before the witch's spell. He and the other earthmen then returned to Bism through a chasm in the ground of Underland.

Gnomes freed.