Monopods are short, worthy, and intelligent one-legged dwarfs that live on Coriakin's Island. They are not as clever as the other dwarfs, and follow the word of their Chief to the letter. Their feet are described to be enormous where they look like canoes and they use their feet as a boat and row themselves around with paddles. They were once normal dwarfs, ruled by the fallen star Coriakin, however they rejected him in favor of their Chief and were transformed into their present state as punishment. In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Monopods were seen where they were lying flat on their backs with each of their single enormous feet to curl up. Lucy thought that they were mushrooms. After Lucy was watching them, they started to get up and jumping in all directions. The Monopods were confused with their new name, and soon came up with the word Dufflepud.

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