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"What some of us have been wanting to ask for a long time, your Majesty, is how we're ever to get home when we do turn, whether we turn here or somewhere else. It's been west and north-west winds all the way, barring an occasional calm. And if that doesn't change, I'd like to know what hopes we have of seeing Narnia again. There's not much chance of supplies lasting while we row all that way."
― Master Bowman (Chapter 14) [src]

The Master Bowman was the unnamed leader of the Bowen aboard the Dawn Treader. He spoke for his archers and many of the crew when he expressed his fear that, with the seas becalmed, they might never return to Narnia.

Lord Drinian derided his suggestion as "landsman's talk", as he believed they could still make it, since there was always a west wind in the summer, which could get them home.