Puddleglum the Marsh-wiggle, as portrayed in BBC's adaptation of The Silver Chair.

The Marsh-wiggles were a race of humanoid creatures that inhabited the marshlands near the River Shribble in the northern parts of the World of Narnia.


Marsh-wiggles had green-grey straw-like hair, large ears, long legs and arms, webbed hands with long fingers, and hard webbed feet, similar to those of ducks.

They also had a muddy complexion and greenish skin.

Lifestyle and habits

Marsh-wiggles' houses, the Wigwams.

The Marsh-wiggles lived in small structures called Wigwams, which were spread far apart from each other in the marsh (the marsh-wiggles were very fond of privacy).

They were excellent archers and fishermen. As as a result, their diet included eel stew, eel pie and fricasseed frogs.

They smoked a strange sort of heavy tobacco, said by some to be mixed with mud, out of pipes. The smoke from their pipe was heavy, and did not rise but floated to the ground.

The marsh-wiggle Puddleglum enjoyed whiskey, though whether this was true of all Marsh-wiggles is unknown.


Marsh-wiggles did much of the work involving fishing and watercraft in Narnia, including docking ships at Cair Paravel and ferrying. Marsh-wiggles may also have helped man the Narnian navy.

The Owls considered them the only people that could help Jill Pole and Eustace Scrubb reach the Ruined City of the Giants because "they know the north lands best."

The river Shrimble marked the Narnian northern border, however it has no bridge. The Marsh-wiggles hadn't built a bridge over it though it sometimes decreased to a shallow level to allow crossing on foot.

Notable Marsh-Wiggles

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