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Marjorie Preston was a schoolmate of Lucy Pevensie. Anne Feathertone was jealous of her friendship with Lucy, and scolded Marjorie for the time she spent with her. Marjorie said that Lucy "Not a bad little kid in her way, but I was getting pretty tired of her before the end of term." Lucy overheard this conversation via Coriakin's Book of Incantations while voyaging with the crew of the Dawn Treader, and furiously called Marjorie "Two-faced little beast." Later, Lucy regretted having heard the conversation due to the fact it ruined the relationship.


Aslan told Lucy Pevensie that Marjorie was

"...weak, but she loves you. She was afraid of the older girl and said what she does not mean."

This suggests that Marjorie was an easily intimidated girl, but not mean-spirited as Lucy was quick to assume.