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"If you were any braver, you would be a lioness."
―Aslan, to Lucy[src]

Lucy Pevensie, known as Queen Lucy the Valiant in Narnia, was the youngest of the four Pevensies children and was the first one to discover Narnia. She was portrayed by British actress Georgie Henley in all three Walden (Disney/Fox) films.


Early life[]

Throughout the Chronicles[]

Physical appearance[]

Lucy is portrayed with brown hair and freckles which is a departure from the golden hair described in the books.



Behind the scenes[]

  • Lucy's age aligns with her book counterpart in the first film but ages significantly in the proceeding films (note: Each film age corresponds to Henley's age at the beginning and conclusion of principal photography):
    • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
      • Novel: 8
      • Film: 8-9
    • Prince Caspian
      • Novel: 9
      • Film: 11-12
    • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
      • Novel: 10
      • Film: 13-14