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Lord Bar was an Archenlander noble. He became notorious after kidnapping the Crown Prince of Archenland in N.Y. 1000.


Lord Chancellor

Lord Bar was apparently appointed Lord Chancellor of Archenland sometime in the late tenth century. However, he was in the pay of the Tisroc of Calormen and abused his position. Among his known crimes were embezzlement of royal monies and spying for the Tisroc. When King Lune discovered this, he dismissed Lord Bar. However, he was allowed to remain in Archenland.

Abduction of the Crown Prince

Abduction of Prince Cor.gif

Sometime after this, in the year 1000, the Queen of Archenland had twin sons, Cor and Corin. A week after they were born, they were taken to a centaur to be blessed. The centaur prophesied that Cor would save Archenland from 'the deadliest danger in which ever she lay'. Lord Bar then kidnapped the young prince and rode down the River Winding Arrow to the coast. He had a ship prepared with his followers on board and embarked toward Calormen. However, he was hotly pursued by King Lune.


King Lune's warship chased Lord Bar's ship for six days. On the seventh, the King brought the traitor to battle. However, when Lord Bar perceived that battle was imminent, he placed the Crown Prince and a trusted knight in a small boat and sent them towards Calormen. The battle lasted from ten in the morning until sunset. Among the dead was Lord Bar.