The Narnian Later Ages
Time Period: The Later Ages (Narnian-years 2356—2555)
Preceded by: The Age of Exploration (2303—2356)
Followed by: none

The Later Ages (2356-2555) were the final epochs of Narnian history, a span of 199 Narnian years. It began at the end of the Age of Exploration with the death of Caspian X and Rilian's coranation and ended with the Calormene Conquest.

Shortly after Rilian's coranation, Underland was made a part of the Narnian Empire. Apparently, seven kings of Rilian's descent ruled Narnia until its end. Some time during this era hunters from various nations took residence in the Western Wild region. Narnia had an uprising of outlaws from mutable species, who were defeated, exiled from Narnia and took refuge to the west of Ettinsmoor. The sixth king in descent of Rilian was King Erlian. In 2534, his father built three guard towers in the Lantern Waste shortly before he died to protect the nation from the outlaws who continued to reside in the west of Ettinsmoor. At one stage, the rebels attacked, in which many were killed by arrows from the guard towers and their leader, who was a Giant, was killed in a personal duel with Erlian, who also died of his wounds after the battle. Tirian soon took his farther's place, lead an army on the west of Ettinsmoor, conquered the region for the Narnian Empire and crushed the recovering rebellion. Tirian continued to rule Narnia with his friends Jewel, Roonwit and Farsight, who all fought in a number of anomalous wars. During Tirian's reign, particularly in 2555, several important events occurred, including the False Aslan Affair, the Calormene Conquest, the Cair Paravel Massacre, the Battle of Stable Hill, Aslan's last judgment, and the destruction of the World of Narnia, where its many virtuous inhabitants were selected to live for eternity in peace in Aslan's Country.

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