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"But, darling, only think! Three palaces, and one of them that beautiful one down on the lake at Ilkeen. Positively ropes of pearls, I'm told. Baths of asses' milk. And you'd see a lot more of me."
"He can keep his pearls and palaces as far as I'm concerned."
"You always were a queer girl, Aravis. What more do you want?
―Lasaraleen and Aravis (Chapter 7) [src]

Lasaraleen was a Calormene Tarkheena, or noblewoman, during the Golden Age of Narnia. She was the daughter and wife of wealthy Calormene Tarkhaans, a reverent member of the Tisroc's court, and a close friend of Aravis.


Lasaraleen grew up in Calormen, and was a rather rich but spoiled young woman. She and Aravis were close friends, as they were both from rich families, and had often stayed in the same houses and been to the same parties together.

At a young age (probably as a young teenager), she was married off to a wealthy Tarkaan and went to live in the capital city of Tashbaan. Here she was able to enter to high levels of society, meeting nobles and royals alike.

Lasaraleen and Aravis.

In 1014, Tashbaan was visited by a Narnian embassy, whom Lasaraleen was able to meet. Shortly after their arrival, Lasaraleen found her friend Aravis on the street and invited the girl to stay at her mansion temporarily, her husband being away at the time. Aravis accepted, revealing that she was running away from her own arranged marriage.

Lasaraleen agreed to help her escape the city by taking her through an abandoned palace to a water-door, by which one could get out of Tashbaan without being seen by night.

While in the palace, the two girls stumbled upon a secret meeting of the Tisroc, his son Prince Rabadash, and the Grand Vizier, Ahoshta Tarkaan (Aravis' betrothed). She was horribly afraid of the Tisroc, and Aravis had to force her to go on. Eventually, Lasaraleen and Aravis got to the water-door safely, and (presumably) Lasaraleen got home safely.

Her later life is unknown, though it is likely that she remained comfortably married and satisfied with her life.


Lasaraleen was a sheltered, but elegant lady. She embraced the role society expected her to play: hosting and attending parties and not bothering her head about political issues. Aravis remembered her as a "terrible giggler", always gossiping about weddings, engagements, parties and scandals. Despite being prone to hysteria and cowardice, she assisted Aravis during her escape from Calormen by hiding her and smuggling her out of Tashbaan. She could be a caring friend, but she never thought deeply about anything.

Name Etymology

Lasaraleen's name comes from the Scottish lasar "leisure", and een the Gaelic feminine diminutive. Thus, 'she of leisure', a reference to Lasaraleen's lazy nature.



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