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The Duchy of Lantern Waste was a heavily wooded, northwestern territory of the Kingdom of Narnia, where many adventures of Earth-native humans began in the world of Narnia.

It was the location of the wardrobe portal that linked Earth and Narnia, as well as the community of Beaversdam. Lantern Waste got its name from a prominent lamp post in the area whose light never extinguished, and which existed in Narnia since the world's creation, and endured at least until the end of The Golden Age of Narnia.

Lantern Waste became incorporated as a Narnian duchy as early as the reign of Frank I. During the Last days of Narnia, Calormenes felled many trees in Lantern Waste. Jewel the Unicorn and Tirian killed two Calormenes who were beating a talking horse there. They turned themselves in to the Calormenes out of their own shame because of their murderous deed.


The lantern itself was created at the beginning of Narnia, when Jadis threw a piece of a lamp post (from London) at Aslan. It fell onto the new Narnian soil and eventually grew into a lamp post, as a tree would grow from a sapling. Its light never goes out, as the lamp post has become semi-organic.


  • Caspian X and King Edmund are the only identified Dukes of Lantern Waste.
  • Lantern Waste is the location of Mr. Tumnus's cave, and he was on his way home with some parcels when he first met Lucy Pevensie there.
  • Lantern Waste was also the home of the Tree of Protection that was planted by Digory Kirke to keep Jadis out of Narnia after its creation, which it did for about 900 years.
  • 3 protective towers were built in Lantern Waste in the year 2534. This may mean that people started dwelling in Lantern Waste around that time.