"Once a king or queen in Narnia, always a king or queen."
A King is the male ruler of an independent state or country. 

During times of war, Kings would usually take an active role in leading their army in battle. Kings have the authority to dismiss and appoint people in charge of Narnian islands. They also have the power to enact the death penalty against their enemies as appropriate.

Becoming a King

The position of King is usually inherited from the parents, although from time to time, Aslan may appoint one or more humans to the position. His policy in this situation is to only appoint people who do not have a desire to be a King. Occasionally, a person may obtain the position of King by force.

High King

The position of High King was created at one time for Peter Pevensie, giving him authority to rule over other Kings and Queens during the Golden Age (his younger brother Edmund and his younger sisters Susan and Lucy). As High King, Peter was given the responsibility of closing and locking the door to Narnia at the end of the world.

Known Kings of Narnia in Chronological Order

Old Dynasty (House of Frank)

House of Pensieve

House of Caspian

Other Kings

The Kings

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