Jadis' Army in the Disney version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


Jadis' Army is a large force of many creatures that the White Witch Jadis led against Aslan's Army at the Battle of Beruna.


Jadis' Army was made up of various creatures from Narnia, as well as demons and dark monsters that Jadis had gathered and maybe created over the ages.

They were summoned by Jadis to gather around the Stone Table at the execution of Aslan. They formed into a mob afterward, and raced to meet Aslan's Army, where they initially fought well. However, they were ultimately and almost completely obliterated, when the resurrected Aslan killed Jadis and defeated them all at the First Battle of Beruna. One half of the army surrendered while the other half fled in fear.

The remaining solders continued to cause trouble for the Pevensies for a few more years, until 1005 when the White Witch's Castle was destroyed. Those who didn't perish surrendered unconditionally, and what was left of their army dissolved, thus ending the war finally.

In the 2005 movie, Jadis' general in command of the army was Otmin, a fearless and particularly vicious Minotaur.

Creatures in Jadis' Army

  1. Ankle Slicers (Disney version)
  2. Armed Slug-like Creature (Animated Version)
  3. Alligator (Animated version)
  4. Bat-Winged Birds (Animated Version)
  5. Black Dwarfs
  6. Boggles
  7. Cruels
  8. Cyclopes (Disney version)
  9. Dark Samurai (BBC version)
  10. Dryads that are on Jadis' side
  11. Ettins
  12. Ghouls
  13. Giants
  14. Giant Bats
  15. Goblins
  16. Hags
  17. Harpies (Disney version)
  18. Hippotaurs (Animated version)
  19. Humanoid Alligator (Animated version)
  20. Hyena
  21. Imps
  22. Incubi
  23. Liches (BBC version)
  24. Lizard People (BBC version)
  25. Minoboars (Disney version)
  26. Minotaurs
  27. Ogres
  28. Pig People (Animated version)
  29. Purple Iguana (Animated version)
  30. Rheas (Animated version)
  31. Rhinoceros (Animated version)
  32. Snakes
  33. Sprites
  34. Toadstool People
  35. Vultures
  36. Vulture-Dragon Men (seen in the illustration)
  37. Werewolves
  38. water buffalos (Animated version)
  39. White Tigers (Disney version)
  40. Wolves
  41. Wooses
  42. Wraiths

NOTE: Concept art for the Disney movie showed that Gorgons, Manticores, Succubi and Fomorians were planned to be included in Jadis' army.

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